Simple Meatloaf

This meat loaf is easy and cheap. Here’s the video.  And by the way, I did get the ground beef on sale; however, it was still so expensive I was in shock.  The meat manager told me it was ground from the trimmings of London broil which was also on sale. I can remember when we could get ground beef for 59 cents a pound– I guess those days are long gone!



Trimming My Poodle, Peppy

Trimming a poodle is fairly straightforward and can probably be accomplished more easily if you spread a sheet on the floor and sit down with your dog while trimming.  Remember patience is it’s own reward here.  I can trim Peppy in less than an hour after he has been bathed and brushed out, however, when I first started it took over three hours.  Take your time go slow, give lots of treats and words of praise.  I know you can do this.  After about three times of trimming I’ll bet your dog will look better than he does when he comes from the groomer’s.


Lemon Pound Cake

This is my very own recipe.  I worked on the recipe for several years until finally I made one that turned out exactly as I had invisioned.  Super moist, tasty and it’s tall, so you will get 24 pieces from this cake.  It freezes very well. I wrap the pieces individually in wax paper and store in the freezer in  earth bound salad plastic containers.

Fresh Apple Cake

Once you make this cake it will become part of your life.  Yes, it’s really that good and not nearly as complicated to make as it appears on the video.  I have been making this cake for about 45 years.  It originally called for winesap apples but who can find those anymore!


Chess Pie

This is a very sweet pie with a secret ingredient that will surprise you.  This ingredient must be there to create the unique taste.  It’s a very old recipe.