Free Produce

Grocery store scrap produce is free, if you don’t take it from the store or the dumpster it will go into the land fill.  At least three fourths of all this scrap produce is completely safe and edible.  I once got 18 one pound containers of  strawberries from North Carolina because my grocery store was throwing them out.  Their only flaw was those little leaves on the top of each strawberry were wilted.  When I ask my produce manager why they were being thrown away he said that customers would not buy strawberries with those wilted leaves on top.  Think about it, would you buy those strawberries?  Probably not because you’ve become accustomed to only purchasing the very best looking produce.  The grocery store’s loss was my gain. The strawberries were better than those that come from California.  These were much sweeter and had a red center instead of a white center.  I simply pinched the top wilted leaves off, washed, rolled in sugar and froze them in containers.  It doesn’t get any cheaper than free.