Wholesale Produce – State Farmer’s Market

You can purchase produce at your state farmer’s market at the same price your local grocery store pays, directly from the distributor.  Local farmer’s usually have a booth, the distributors will be located in large buildings that have refrigerated complexes to hold all the produce.  You’ll be buying from the loading docks just like the grocery stores.   In South Carolina you can actually call ahead and get prices and place orders, however, I like to see what I’m getting so I never order ahead.  There will be salesmen on the dock to help you and the vegetables and fruit will be displayed.  You simply will need to buy at least one bushel of what ever you choose.  Your state farmer’s market is really a distribution point and you will see trucks there from Canada, Mexico, California, and all the major grocery store chains, it’s pretty impressive.  Here in South Carolina we have three state farmer’s markets, one in Columbia, one in Charleston and one located in the upstate.  Most states have similar markets which are run and sponsored by the state.  The produce is always fresher than what you find in the grocery stores.