Two Poodles Adopted

We’ve adopted two poodles from Dreamweaver, Carolina Poodle Rescue, in Pacelet, South Carolina.  They are a “no kill” shelter that mostly rescues poodles from several surrounding states.  Both of our little guys were raised by breeders; Steele lived in the home of the breeder and Wheeler lived in a kennel all his life.  Wheeler  is a champion show dog and was used for breeding.  Both breeders decided to close up shop, and therefore, some of their poodles were turned over to Dreamweavers and placed up for adoption.  Most people want to adopt younger dogs and Donna told us they didn’t think Wheeler would be adopted because he is ten years old.  He won our hearts after we saw him and we already knew we wanted Steele from his picture on the internet website of Dreamweaver.