Savings Suggestions

When preparing meals cook several more servings to allow for freezing leftovers for later meals. This will save money on your electric bill and save time. It doesn’t take any longer to prepare a meal for 8 than it does to prepare a meal for 4 people. Just take the meals out of the freezer remove aluminum foil and thaw in the microwave for about 10 minutes and you’ll have a nice meal in no time.

The absolute best dogproof garbage can and it last for years and years. Our kitchen garbage can is in plain sight and no one knows it holds our garbage.

Drying clothes outside on clotheslines will save on the elcetric bill and it makes your clothes smell really great. Another benefit would be great exercise for your arms.

Using a sheepskin duster rather than those expensive refills for swiffer dusters will save a lot of money plus it’s much better at getting to the dust.