Storing Fruits and Vegetables

When purchasing fruits and vegetables by the bushel, it becomes necessary to find a storage place where they can be stored until all are consumed. Sometimes this can be a challenge. Most fruits and vegetables are stored by producers or distributors for extended periods of time and released into the marketplace as demand warrants. Think about how apples are stored in the Northwest after harvest in the fall– for distribution spread over a long period well into the spring and early summer. We can replicate some of these storage techniques and be able to buy our fruits and vegetables in bulk at a much reduced price. Over the years, I have learned what I can store in the garage and what needs to be stored in our crawl space. For example, last year in the fall, I bought Butternut Squash in bulk and they were stored under the house all winter long; we ate the last one in soup in May of this year. They kept just fine. We’ve never had any bugs or animals eating on our stored fruits and vegetables. In South Carolina it gets too hot during late spring and all through the summer to store anything in our garage and certainly not in the attic. Experiment– you’ll be surprised how well some fruits and vegetables will keep.

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